Head of the department

Mr. J. David Samuel Lawrence

Computer Staff Members
Mr. Devasagayam Rajan Samuel, sr.lecturer
Mr. Rajagopal, Lecturer
Mr. Lourdu Mahimai Doss, Lecturer
Mr. Malayarasu, Lecturer
Ms. Jeyapriya, Lecturer
Ms. Viji, Lecturer,
Mr. Panner Selvam( Lab Asst.)

Computer Engineering Department

Computer Engineeering Lab

Computer engineering is a discipline that combines elements of both electronics engineering and computer science. It includes study in the areas of software design and hardware-software integration as well as various aspects of computing, from the design of individual microprocessors, personal computer and supercomputers up to circuit design.

For future understanding of the subject it can be said that the usual tasks of a computer engineer involves writing software and firmware for embedded micro-controllers, designing VLSI chips, designing analog sensors, designing mixed signal circuit boards and designing operating systems.


To provide students with the maximum level of exposure possible in this field of study and to give them an edge over the others in terms of employeement.

To equip students with adequate knowledge in areas of logical and programming importance,to meet the needs of the industry and society on a global scale.

Pratical experience and knowledge is a must for all students through research and projects


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