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Mrs. Jothilakshmi

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Electronics and Communication Engineering Department

Electronics Lab

Diploma course in Electronic and Communication Engineering is concerned with the partical application of Electronic in all its forms,including those of communication.The subject deals with electronic components,integrated circuits and microprocessors,consists of fabrication,maintenance and supervision of the manufacture of electronic equipment.

Encrypting and decrypting of messages using latest methodology.Engineering deals with wire and radio communication, the stored-program electronic computer,radar and automatic control systems.Electronic Engineering is considered to deal with the technologies associated with message transmitting and receiving controls,the study of small-scale electronic systems includinf computers and integrated circuits.


To enable students to test electronic circuits manufacturing, testing and maintenance of electronic device and systems.

To provide a innate understanding of the construction, identification, characteristics, specifications, merits, limitations and applications of electronic components and materials.

To establish a clear line of understanding about Principle communication, both audio and video communication, as well as microwave communication.


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