Head of the department

Mr. Lourdu Mahimai Doss

IT Dept. Staff Members

Information Technology Department

Information Technology is aspecial diploma course that gives good practical exposure to both hardware and software technologies with extensive lab facilities provided by the college.It inclues study in the areas of software design and hardware –software integration as well as various aspects of computing from the design of individual microprocessors,personal computers and supercomputers upto circuit design. 

For a further understanding of the subject,it can be said that the usual tasks of computer engineer involues writing software and firmware for embedded micro-controllers,designing VLSI chips,designing analog sensors,designing mixed signal circuit boards and designing operating systems.


To provide a firm and solid foundation in mathematics, basic engineering sciences, and computer applications required in the field.

To encourage students to develop problems solving mindset, much required in their fiels of work.

To empower students with knowledge through practical learning and progressive research and development exercises.


Information Technology Lab



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